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Department of Statistics


Statistics Research Group

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Who are we ?

  • Ege University Statistics Research Group was founded in 2000 to organize scientific research and social events.
  • Our community has a board of 12 students. Also, all students who study in the department of statistics are members of this community.

    The Board of Directors is elected at the beginning of the fall semester of each academic year and the Board of Directors is elected with the votes of the students of the statistics department.


  • Providing the meeting of the students, teachers and graduates of the statistics department.
  • To introduce the departments and business areas to the students studying in our department.
  • To provide the students of the department to meet each other in various organizations and to increase the intra-departmental co-operation.


  • To ensure that the department students know and represent the statistics section and professions in the best way.
  • To help the students in the steps towards the future (internship application, job application etc.) and to ensure that they complete their self-assurance.
  • To announce the name of our university and department.


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Social Media




Current Management

Supervisor: Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Burcu AYTAÇOĞLU

Chair: Oğuz Bahadır BOZKURT               

Vice Chair: Kadir Kaan AKGEÇ       

Sponsorship Unit:

Feyza KASAPOĞLU                                    

Duygu GÜRLEYEN                                      

Communication Unit:

Kadir Kaan AKGEÇ                                      

Organization Unit:

Yılmazcan AVŞAR                                       

Metecan KABİL                                            

Social Media Unit:

Mert ALIR